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Lowcountry Values
Lowcountry Leadership

Friends and family keep asking me why I want to take on the challenges of County Council.  My answer is quite simple…. 

I have lived East of the Cooper for over 40 years, with close family relatives scattered from one end of my council district to the other.  With a quality of life second to none, I cannot imagine living anywhere else!  

Quality town centers, scenic beaches, strong employment opportunities, pristine forests and marshes, preserved historic sites, a diverse culture, and much, much more.  

I’m running for County Council because I want to make certain that one day my great grandchildren - and yours - have the opportunity to share my passion for our wonderful Lowcountry lifestyle.  

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For most of us, our homes are our greatest financial asset, but one of the greatest burdens to home ownership is perpetual property taxes.  I will scrutinize every county tax dollar to make certain we all pay only the property taxes that are absolutely necessary.  

Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion plagues many of our main thoroughfares, and many of the past traffic “fixes” seem to have resulted in mere band-aides.  I will promote strategic traffic improvements with a vision for long term results that take into account all quality of life impacts and our unique Lowcountry lifestyle.  

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Conserve our unique and accessible natural resources that makes East of the Cooper such a special place to live. Our stretch of coast goes from McClellanville to Shem Creek and includes the Francis Marion National Forest, Bull Island, the village of McClellanville, the Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge, the beaches on Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island, the Old Village in Mount Pleasant, Patriot's Point, the Maritime Forest, Alhambra Hall, the Pitt Street Bridge, Shem Creek and Boone Hall - some of the most iconic and unique places that exist anywhere. 


Charleston County has enjoyed a robust job market over the last decade.  County job recruitment should focus on “local jobs for local folks” in recognition that the county is a very appealing, business friendly environment, and we are able to be selective in attracting suitable employers.  

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Transparency creates trust.  Naval hospital boondoggles, county staff resignations accompanied by paid silence, and exploitation of a Greenbelt parcel for dirt mining do not create trust. We can do better!  

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